Thursday, April 13, 2006

Unashamed Of What I Say

Philippians 1:20 & Romans 1:16

By OKpreacher

As I was reading in my daily Bible study I came across an idea that I hadn’t really mediated on much. The idea comes from Paul. Paul’s view was that you either were sharing the gospel or you are ashamed of the gospel. Paul in Philippians asks for prayer that he will be bold and not ashamed of the gospel so that Christ may be exalted in his situation. In Romans 1:16, Paul declares that the gospel is the power of God in changing lives. I’m convinced that we as Christians have offered up every excuse of why we don’t witness except the real one. We are ashamed of the gospel.
There is a way to change from being ashamed of the gospel to sharing the gospel. First is found in Philippians 1:20, the desire to magnify Christ. Christ isn’t going to be lifted high in my life if I never think enough of Christ to share Him with others. The second way is to become bold. Paul prayed for boldness, because boldness only comes from God. When we start praying for boldness and trusting in the power of the message of the gospel then we will become unashamed of sharing Christ.


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