Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Why I Am A Southern Baptist - Part III

In my other two articles, about why I am a Southern Baptist, I dealt with the mission and the message of the Southern Baptist Convention. In this final article I want to discuss our members. The last reason that I'm a Southern Baptist is because I have connected with other believers who are Southern Baptists. From early on in my Christian development, I was discipled and supported by church members who were Southern Baptists. They impacted me for Christ. They helped me realize that the Christian life is to be lived in view of reaching people and teaching people about Christ. I can think of no people who are more loving and supportive than Southern Baptists. When there is any type of humanitarian aid that is needed Southern Baptists are normally one of the first groups there to help. This is one of the reason that I decided to be a Baptist. I wanted to be apart of a group that really loved one and ministered to people.


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