Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mark's Great Commission

Mark 16:15
By OKpreacher

“And then He (Jesus) told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere.” NLT

Many have heard the Great Commission found in Matthew 28, but few have read and responded to the same commission as found in Mark 16:15. In giving the Great Commission, Jesus has called each of us to “Go” and “Preach.” Have you realized that as a believer in Christ you are called to preach? You may never have your own pulpit in a church, but you have a pulpit right where you are. Preaching isn’t the calling of your pastor only, it is Jesus’ calling on your life. You are to Preach! What are you to preach? The great thing is the message is simple. You are to preach the Good News of Christ. Who are you to preach to? You are to preach to everyone and everywhere. If your goal is to build you a little comfortable life to where your only job is to go to church on Sundays and leave preaching the gospel up to someone else, realize that you are living a rebellious life.

Jesus’s commission began with a calling to “Go.” Have you ever thought about what it meant to “Go?" Many have thought that going meant staying. Some thought going meant sending money so other people could go. Then there are those that were willing to obey what Christ said and they went. "Go" means "Go." You can’t stay put where you are. You must decide that you are willing to "Go" and "Preach."


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