Monday, March 06, 2006

Why I'm A Southern Baptist - Part I


Although Southern Baptists have made many mistakes since their founding, I still chose to be a Southern Baptist. I want to explain why I as a Christian have aligned myself with the Southern Baptist Convention. The first reason that I am apart of the SBC is I agree with their mission. I believe that every Christian has a calling to fulfill the Great Commission. That means that as a Christian I am responsible for reaching and teaching the world about Christ.

Clearly with a mission that big I need help in fulfilling it. The Southern Baptist Convention realizes that the Great Commission is the calling of every believer and they have established the best strategy for helping Christians carry out their mission. From the very beginning Southern Baptist had a heart for reaching the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. I support the work of Southern Baptist through a system called the Cooperative Program. It may not sound impressive, but as a Southern Baptist, I help support over 5000 full time missionaries around the world and over 3000 missionaries in North America through the Cooperative Program. The Cooperative Program works by each Baptist church sending a percentage of their budget to the SBC to provide money and resources to those that are serving as missionaries. The goal of Southern Baptists is to provide a witness to every people group in every region of the world. I am a Southern Baptist because I believe in the Great Commission.


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