Friday, February 24, 2006

My Tribute

Last night Mrs. OKpreacher's Grandmother went to be with the Lord. While this is a hard time for our family, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the impact that Grandma had on me. Anytime that I was around her she had a way of making you feel important and most of all loved. Grandma was one of those people that enjoyed living life to the fullest. Her sense of adventure and humor made her a great person to talk and listen to. I remember how she accepted me when I married into the family. Every time we were at their house for a holiday she would make my favorite, pumpkin pie. Nobody makes pumpkin pie as good as she did. Better than her cooking was her hugs. To me Grandma was an example of how to love the Lord, love your spouse, and love your children with all your heart. I have one regret and one praise. First, I regret that she didn't get to meet our baby girl, her first great-grand child, on this side of heaven. My praise is that we had her for a Grandmother. Please remember to pray for Grandpa and the rest of the family during this time.


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