Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Passion for Preaching

(I wrote this about a year ago and thought it would give some food for thought.- OKpreacher)

A Passion for Preaching

I have recently realized that many that claim to believe the Bible are apathetic towards the preaching of the Bible. There is an ever increasing desire to have shorter and shorter sermons. There is a greater desire to have preachers stand up and entertain a crowd then to bring forth a life changing message from God’s Word. Even among preachers there is a dying of the desire to preach. We have come up with every way to reach the lost except through the anointed expository preaching of God’s Word and we have a generation that knows less about Christ then ever before. In Mark, Jesus came as a preacher. Paul writes that the preaching of the cross is the power of God. In Acts, it was through Peter’s sermon that 3000 people were saved. The main reason preaching doesn’t effect us anymore is because we don’t expect it to. Another reason is that preachers don’t take the time to study God’s Word to get God’s Message and surrender enough to have God’s power in delivering that message. Most preachers have preached their people to sleep, transforming the pew into a bed. Preaching God’s Message isn’t enough, we must preach it in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Many preachers don’t have the time to declare God’s Word properly. The church wants them to be a counselor, an administrator, and a superstar. Where the pastor decides to be all that the church demands he has forfeited being a prophet. I long for the day when the church and the preacher gain a passion for preaching again.


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