Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sing Like A Frog

I wrote this awhile ago and thought it would be helpful for today. -OKpreacher

This morning as I was eating breakfast I look over at my wife’s desk and saw the stuffed frog that I got her this past Valentine’s Day. She collects frogs and this frog was special. It came with a sign that said, “Try Me! I sing and dance.” The hand of the frog has a button and once it is pushed the frog sings, “Everlasting Love” and dances to the music. The thought that struck me was, “What comes out of me when my buttons get pushed.” The frog’s sign said to try him because that is the only way to see what is inside. So I questioned myself with the thought, “When God, my wife, my job, and my situation pushes my buttons do I sing a song of love or of frustration and bitterness? I realize that my trials are opportunities for me to sing of God’s faithfulness and grace. So when the buttons in your life are pushed what is your song?


Blogger Jeff Richard Young said...

Dear OKP,

I have had my kids laughing, telling them about this cartoon where the frog sings and dances, but won't do it when anyone is watching, but I've never been able to show it to them. Where did you get this picture, and is the video available anywhere?



Blogger OKpreacher said...

To be honest I just needed a picture of a frog dancing to go along with my article. I googled dancing frogs and then clicked on images and it came up. Hope this helps.



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