Thursday, June 21, 2007

“Pat on the Back: Mike Huckabee”

Every Christian in the United States has a responsibility to be involved in our political system. Many believe that religion and politics don’t mix, but social change and progress is dependent on Christians getting involved. Whether it is running for office or filling out a ballot to cast a vote, Christians need to take serious their role in setting the course for America’s future.

Former Governor of Arkansas
Mike Huckabee has placed his name into the race for President. He has gained a lot of attention for his faith and the warm funny ways he responses to questions. As a voter, I’m looking for someone who values traditional marriage, life, education, and bring peace to the Iraq situation. I trust Mike Huckabee and as long as he is running for president, he has my vote. I encourage you to read about Mike Huckabee and I hope you decide to vote for him as well.

Finally, if you are a Christian, you need to decide how you can make a difference in our political system.


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