Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thumbs Down: Rev Ann Holmes Redding

I was looking for an article for, "Pat on the Back" and came across this article. This story is a great example of the importance of doctrinal truth. So I will create a series called, "Thumbs Down" where I expose things Christians can't support. In an article by the World Net Daily, they detail how Rev Ann Holmes Redding is both an Episcopal priest and a practicing Muslim. She doesn't mind that both faiths teach something completely different about the nature of Christ.

This is sad because Rev. Ann Redding is looking for truth and even though she has been religious she has missed what she needed most. She needs to experience the call of Christ to come and repent of trying to solve her problems with religion and surrender her life to His control. She needs to believe in her heart that Christ is the only begotten Son of God and therefore God indeed. I encourage you to pray for her.

This serves as a warning for Southern Baptists. Many Southern Baptists have wonder how far should our desire for ecumenicalism extend? This is an illustration of crossing the line. When we start changing our believes about the nature of the Bible, God, Christ, Holy Spirit, and our calling to evangelize the world to fit in with other groups, then we have taken ecumenicalism too far. Please read the rest of the article on
Rev Ann Redding.


Blogger jrothra said...

Maybe I have a simplistic mind, but I cannot quite grasp the logic of serving as an Episcopal while living as a Muslim. For me, that's like an apple trying to live as a grape. You are right that both views teach diametrically opposite Christologies. I look forward to more of the 'Thumbs Down' series.

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