Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pat On The Back: Ed Stetzer

At this Southern Baptist Convention there were several men that were courageous enough to say what Southern Baptists needed to hear. I thank God for the things Morris Chapman, Frank Page, Jerry Rankin, and Rob Zinn had to say at the Convention. I believe the most important message was given by Ed Stetzer. Ed Stetzer called our convention back to a life of missions and to the cross of Christ. While others spoke to divide our convention, Ed spoke to unite us under the cross of Christ and His command to share the gospel with all people. Ed Stetzer told us that doctrine is important, but we are losing a generation of people because we are debating each other instead of evangelizing the lost. So here is a pat on the back to Ed Stetzer for allowing God to use him to say what Southern Baptists needed to hear. Please read the Baptist Press article about Ed Stetzer.


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