Saturday, October 07, 2006

The 26 Wellness Center

Today, my church held the grand opening celebration of The 26 Wellness Center. Like most churches we built a family life center in 1990. It was never used the way it truly can be used. Most of our members have generally forgotten that we have a gym. As an effort to establish a unique connection point for our community I was brought on staff in October of last year with one of my purposes being to bring about the vision of our senior pastor called the wellness center. Rather than a fitness center we have sought to build a place that challenges a person to transform their entire life. We seek to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of every person that comes in our door. We offer a full workout facility, walking track, gym, bathrooms with shower, job skills classes, computer skills, stress management, griefshare, financial management, parenting, new moms classes, sports leagues, nutrition classes, cooking classes, and on and on. The idea is to promote the entire health of the individual with the goal being leading them to faith in Christ. Check out the link below for our website.

The 26 Wellness Center

The name comes from the street that this side of the church faces, which is called Boulevard 26.


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