Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Large Scale

I have been challenging a couple of guys in my church to start a men’s ministry. My three best guys invited me to come with them to a men’s ministry meeting in another town and learn from them. On the way back I was so encouraged. They talked about how growth must happen outside the church building. They talked about this men’s group not being under any one church, but open to every man of the community. I am proud of them. We are going to start meeting weekly for lunch and talk about ministries we can do together in the community. I believe large scale spiritual growth doesn’t happen in the church building, but outside the church. Groups like the one we are forming are the answer to transformational growth in a community. I would like to hear from other bloggers if you think there is any hope for the American local church to experience large scale spiritual growth?


Anonymous Guy Muse said...

Any hope for the USA church? Yes! By doing the kind of thing you are proposing with the men. When men are empowered and "given permission" and understand they CAN do those same things that only ordained ministers usually perform, things begin to happen. Instead of "one pastor" there will be multiple servant leaders out bringing in the harvest.

Blogger The Bishop said...

I think you have to answer the question, "What are we here for?" Most USAmerican churches huddle and study making no impact on their community or culture. After 18 years in the pastoral ministry, I realized that the vast majority of people are not putting into practice what we teach; all the while expecting our teaching to feed them. So, I stopped teaching and started leading people to do. When they have shown the growth to move on to the next idea, we move on. I can't tell you the number of Bible Studies and messages I've prepared (about 3 a week for almost 15 years). People love them, feel fed by most of them, and continue to live as they always have with no transformation. Now, I'm watching as people "get it" and learn to impact their world with their faith. It's been great. But it has to be theirs, and we can't perpetuate the false paradigm of sitting, soaking, and souring.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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