Monday, June 19, 2006

“Seven Questions with Dr. Ted Kersh”

1. In a day where there seems to be little vision and leadership in the local church, what has been the key to your success as a leader?

You have to model your vision for the people. They have to see you doing what you want them to do. Your vision will be picked up by the people as they experience you accomplishing ministry.

2. Current statistics show that pastors have a hard time of managing their time and therefore their devotional time suffers. Please share your method or habit of daily devotional time.

You have to start your day early. There will never be enough time in your daily routine to have your quiet time unless you start early. The pastor must decide that his time with the Lord is more important than anything else he does. I recommend placing the time on your calendar each day.

3. In your opinion, what is the key to developing relationships with your membership?

The pastor must spend time with the membership. Plan events where you are with them. I think it is important to plan lunches with the men. Do not wait for the people to contact you. Contact them first. This lets them realize you want to be with them.

4. Southern Baptists are involved in the “Everyone Can, I’m It” evangelism campaign. What does your church do to emphasis outreach and baptism?

We use FAITH evangelism. We have also used a time to train our people in using a tract. I always let our people know that evangelism is our main reason to exist.

5. What is your greatest passion?

My greatest passion is three fold. I am committed to prayer, holiness and evangelism. My heart is to see real revival. Praying for revival must be accompanied with preparing for revival.

6. If you could tell a person beginning a new pastorate one key to a successful ministry, what would that be?

Become a man of prayer. There is no substitute. To be filled with the Holy Spirit one must pray. To have the anointing of the Holy Spirit one must pray. To get a vision from the Lord one must pray. That is the key.

7. Many churches struggle because there is unresolved conflict in the church. What has been your method of maintaining peace or dealing with conflict?

Hit conflict head on. Do not wait and hope it will take care of itself. Deal with it biblically but immediately. The pastor needs to teach the people that one of the keys to being an effective church is unity. No church accomplishes its mission with out unity. Deal with conflict personally not from the pulpit.

Dr. Ted Kersh is the pastor of First Baptist Claremore, Oklahoma.


Blogger CW said...

Great post and his reply to the question about conflict is right on target.


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