Thursday, June 01, 2006

Holy Cow, Batman!

MSN - News - Batwoman Is Back As a Lesbian

I grew up a superhero fan. I read comics and watched all of the cartoons of Spiderman, Batman, Superman, The Justice League, and the X-Men. Yes, I'm a superhero nerd.

I believe there is always room for more superhero comics, cartoons, and movies, but when DC Comics decided to make Batwoman a lesbian I was saddened. Batman and Batwoman shouldn't be fighting over who dates Catwoman.

Their bases for the move is to try to represent their readership. DC comics also claims that they have always had heros that represented different ethnic groups. The only problem with the reasoning is that having a superhero that is black is completely different than having one that is a lesbian. A person has no choice over what color they are born, but homosexuality is a choice.

A perfect example of someone who was the poster child for the homosexual movement is Anne Heche. She once was living as a lesbian and now she isn't. She is married to a man and is very happy. Angelica Jolie is another example of a person who has lived a lesbian lifestyle and she is now with Brad Pitt. Why does the homosexual movement claim that they are just like all people of color, without choice? So that you have no choice, but to accept their decision to live a homosexual lifestyle.

Before you think I am bashing homosexuals, I want to share the goodnews. There is help for anyone who is ready to get out of the homosexual lifestyle. Even though the media and now comics want to jam it down our throats, there is real hope for change for anyone who is struggling with homosexuality. Testimony of a former homesexual


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