Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hollywood Doesn't Know What To Do With Jesus

Hollywood doesn't know what to do with Jesus or Christian movies. This is clear by Entertainment Weekly naming "The Passion of the Christ" the most controversial film of all time. Entertainment Weekly created a list of the twenty-five most shocking, disgusting, and divisive movies.

So why did the "Passion of the Christ" get number #1. Entertainment weekly claims that the movie "ignited a culture-war firestorm unrivaled in Hollywood history." I believe the real reason that Christ is view as controversial is a spiritual one. The world didn't accept Christ before the cross and they still don't accept Him after the cross. What does the world deny about Christ? That he lived? No, the world realizes that He lived. Does the world deny that He died? No, the world believes that Jesus died on the cross. Does the world deny Jesus' resurrection? No, most people don't deny His resurrection. What the world denies is His Lordship. The world denies that Jesus is the Christ. The reason is because accepting the Lordship of Christ is an act of faith. Until a person responds by accepting the Lordship of Christ through faith, Jesus will be their most controversial figure.

The MPAA or the Motion Picture Association of America has given the Christian movie, "Facing the Giants" a "PG" rating instead of a "G" because the film was too evangelistic. Since the Christian message is woven through the story of "Facing the Giants" the MPAA believes parents should be careful about taking their children to this movie.

This is just one more sign that Hollywood doesn't have a clue of what to do with Jesus and Christian Films. To say that the movie was given a PG because some may be offended by it because of religious overtones is crazy. Are they going to give movies a PG if I'm offended by people with blue eyes and the movie has people with blue eyes in it?

Who are those who would be offended by a Christian themed movie? I believe the ones that were offended where those in the MPAA. They are the ones that don't give a movie an "R", even though it has killing, sexual overtones, and brief to some full nudity. They give that type of a movie "PG-13". I'm not surprised by the rating and nor should anyone else. Until someone comes to faith in Christ, they just don't understand Jesus or the nature of Christianity. For them it is a threat instead of the life changing hope that Christians know it to be.


Blogger CW said...

I was not too surprised either. This is another example of how Christians are living within a culture that is non-Christian.


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