Monday, June 05, 2006

I Believe that Southern Baptist are the Best…..

I believe that Southern Baptists are the best at creating and doing Vacation Bible School. This week our church is doing Vacation Bible School and the theme is Arctic Edge. It is about having the courage to follow Jesus and to share your faith. The Arctic Edge theme centers on an Alaskan adventure. We have a big blow up moose on the stage of our worship center and the kids get to make crafts, play games, learn songs, and study the Bible. Everything that is done is to teach the children to have the courage to accept Christ into their lives and to live for Him. We have the best workers who have committed themselves to serving children this week. I believe that our hope for changing America begins with reaching our children. For us and I believe for many churches, VBS is the largest outreach that is done for children during the year. I’m glad that Southern Baptists are committed to putting out the best resources.


Blogger CW said...

I totally agree. Historically, VBS has been the most successful evangelism program in the SBC. I hope your week is fruitful.

Blogger Athosxc said...

That's awesome. We're doing the same program here. I'm looking forward to the moose :-) How have things been going there lately? God Bless!


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