Friday, June 16, 2006

The Best Quotes of the SBC Convention

As I sat listening to the different speakers on stage at the SBC Convention I wrote down what I thought were the best quotes or statements made. I would love for everyone to read these four quotes and vote for their favorite.

1. "We don't give to the Cooperative Program, but we give through the Cooperative Program."

I think it was Anthony Jordan who made the statement during the Cooperative Program Report. When it was said I believe it helped to refocus the issue. As Southern Baptists, we don't give to a program; we give to missionaries, to help with disaster relief, to stand for values in our government, to support the education of future SBC ministers, and many other things. The Cooperative Program is the means to that end and not the end itself. I am glad that the convention made a renewed commitment to Cooperative Program giving.

2. "You can't say SBC President without the C and the P."

Since the election of the SBC President came after the Cooperative Program report many still had CP giving on their mind. Each of the three candidates had a person speak that was nominating them. Forrest Pollock from Florida nominated Frank Page and talked about Frank's support and practice of giving to the Cooperative Program. He ended his speech with this quote and I believe it caused many to vote for Frank Page.

3. "There are no God forsaken areas, but there are church forsaken areas."

This is my favorite quote of the convention. The speaker was a North American Mission Board Missionary to New York named Aaron Coe. Aaron Coe was telling the convention about his heart to see churches in areas where there isn't currently a church.

4. "Our churches and the SBC convention don't have one problem that soul winning won't solve."

Dr. Bobby Welch made the statement during a sermon that he gave while there was some free time before the next order of business. When everyone gets focused on soul winning, there will be a whole lot less time and energy to argue over the things that we do now.

Place a comment and let me know which quote was your favorite.


Blogger CW said...

I really liked the comment about not spelling SBC President without a 'C' and a 'P.'


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