Monday, July 24, 2006

"Seven Questions with Dr. Rick Lance"

1. What were some of the key issues that led you to serve in a denominational position?

As a pastor for almost thirty years I felt a distinct call to missions. That is how I view my role in Alabama Baptist life. For ten years I served on what is now called the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. As a trustee on that strategic board, my view of missions was expanded and enriched. In 1998 I felt the call to state missions in Alabama. I feel strongly that our state is a mission field. Even though we are in the so called Bible Belt some 40 percent of our people have not been reached for Christ.

2. What is your greatest passion?

My greatest passion is to be faithful to the Lord in whatever He calls me to do. I believe Paul’s challenge to the Corinthians is ours today. We need to be found faithful in the details of life, both large and small.

3. In your opinion what is the main thing that must happen in the SBC to build momentum for Kingdom growth over the next 5 years.

As Southern Baptists we are poised to really make a kingdom difference in the 21st century. Our main challenge will be to stay on mission with the Great Commission. It is easy to be sidetracked by good goals and miss the major focus on the biblical mission we have as His people.

4. At the 2006 SBC Convention Southern Baptists made a renewed commitment to the Cooperative Program. Why should a church support the Cooperative Program and how does it impact your area of ministry?

The Cooperative Program represents the opportunity for followers of Christ in the local church to be on mission in all the world, all the time, with the all important message of Jesus. Other methodologies have their place, but the genius of the Cooperative Program in terms of effectiveness is without parallel.

5. If you could give one word of encouragement to every Baptist minister what would it be?

My word of encouragement is very simple and almost too obvious, stay faithful! Keep your eyes on the prize of the high calling of Christ. Faithfulness to Christ has no substitute in the Christian life.

6. What do you believe is the biggest obstacle keeping believers from seeing a revival sweep across your state?

The sin of selfishness is the most gigantic obstacle to the moving of God’s Holy Spirit among us. Having things our way is the absolute wrong way to live.

7. Over the next year what are some things you hope to accomplish and how can my readers and I be praying for you?

Pray that I will keep my agenda simple. I want to be a Great Commission Christian who models faithfulness in following Christ. This simple focus sums up my concern as a believer. In a day of technological driven lives I want to be sure that my agenda is His agenda.

Dr. Rick Lance is the Executive Director of the Alabama Baptist Convention. Find more information about Dr. Lance at his blog, Rick


Anonymous Steve Loggins said...

Amen to the sin of selfishness as the obstacle to revival - and this is in the church - some of the most selfish Christians I know are preachers who are more concerned with "their " church than they are the advancement of God's kingdom.


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