Thursday, July 20, 2006

OKpreacher's Evalutation of the Seven Questions

I started the "Seven Questions Series" with the hope of creating a learning lab. I thought it would be interesting to find out what characteristics God places in a person before He uses them, what methods are leaders using to reach people, and what issues do they need prayer for. I have received answers from Pastors, Missionaries and Denominational Leaders. I appreciate each person who has been willing to join the discussion by answering my, "Seven Questions".

My plan is to continue the "Seven Questions Series", but I felt like I needed to evaluate and share what I have learned from the answers already given. So here are the seven truths I have learned from my "Seven Question Series":

1. God show no favoritism. God doesn't use a man because he is popular, talented, or wealthy. God uses men and women who are passionate about Him, His work, and His people. This passion isn't something that can be worked up in a fleshly way. Each person that responded to my questions had a passion that found it’s source in spending time with the Lord through study of the Word and prayer. Our hearts are set afire when we spend time with the Lord.

2. God uses people who have made evangelism a priority in their lives. Each person stated in some way that obedience to the Great Commission is the greatest need facing Southern Baptists.

3. God uses people that are committed to cooperation. I asked most leaders about the reason churches should support the Cooperative Program and everyone stated that the Cooperative Program promotes cooperation. Don't be surprised if your desire is to be the Lone Ranger in ministry, that God doesn't use you much. God will use men and women who will cooperate together to do His work.

4. I was surprised by this next observation. The people I sent questionnaires to are successful leaders, but most of them either didn't see themselves as successful or as leaders. I expected the opposite, but I believe it goes to show three truths about successful leadership. First, a leader must be humble. A true leader never seeks the glory that only belongs to God. Second, a leader must never be satisfied. A leader always wants to improve and get better. Lastly, a leader always serves. A leader puts others first. Their goal isn't to be number one, but to put themselves last so that they may minister to others.

5. God uses people that have vision. God doesn't use people who are just trying to survive in ministry. He uses people who are pro-active in ministry. These men have a mission because they have a clear vision from the Lord. Each of these men has goals that they are working to complete. Their greatest desire to be faithful to the vision and mission that God has given them.

6. God uses people that have integrity. You can tell in the way the men answered my questions that they were being transparent. It is foundational for every leader to understand the need for integrity and transparency in their ministry.

7. Every leader needs prayer. Some times we forget that we only accomplish what we do by the power and moving of God. Each leader realizes their need for prayer. I encourage each reader to lift up in prayer the men who answered my "Seven Questions" and their ministries.

As I continue to send out my questionnaires it will be interesting to see if these seven truths hold up and also to see what may need to be added.


Blogger Kevin Stilley said...

Thanks for all the effort you have put into this.

Blogger OKpreacher said...


I appreciate your encouragement!




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