Monday, July 10, 2006

"Seven Questions with Dr. Michael Dean"

1. In a day where there seems to be little vision and leadership in the local church, what has been the key to your success as a leader?

I really can’t talk about my “success as a leader,” but I do believe that in any church, the key is faithfulness. Jesus is the Head of the church, and the pastor and people must honor Him as such. He speaks by His Spirit and His Word. When we are faithful to hear and heed His Word, God blesses. God has something unique He is calling each individual and church to do. Vision is defining that unique thing God is calling us to do at this time. It requires discipline on the part of the pastor and the people to use their resources to accomplish what God has given them to do.

2. Current statistics show that pastors have a hard time of managing their time and therefore their devotional time suffers. Please share your method or habit of daily devotional time.

My general habit is to get into my study the first thing every morning. The first order of business in my study is my own personal time alone with God. I seek to be refreshed in the Word of God and prayer each morning. I alternate between reading through the NT and reading through the entire Bible every other year. During the time in the Word I journal insights and prayers.

3. In your opinion, what is the key to developing relationships with your membership?

Integrity. Quality relationships are built upon trust, and trust grows from integrity. I try to be real with my people. I try to keep my commitments to them. I strive to show genuine interest in their lives.

4. Southern Baptists are involved in the “Everyone Can, I’m It” evangelism campaign. What does your church do to emphasis outreach and baptism?

We are constantly looking for better ways to do this. In my opinion, evangelism and outreach must go on the shoulders of the people in their circle of relationships. In the course of their everyday lives they must be equipped to have a burden for the salvation of their loved ones and friends. Beyond that, we must help them build relationships outside of church so they can introduce others to Christ.

5. What is your greatest passion?

For people to experience God.

6. If you could tell a person beginning a new pastorate one key to a successful ministry, what would that be?

Let God show you the unique thing He wants to do in that church. Then spend the time loving the people and sharing the vision with them.

7. Many churches struggle because there is unresolved conflict in the church. What has been your method of maintaining peace or dealing with conflict?

When I become aware of conflict in some part of our church, I try to determine the level and the intensity of it. The staff member closest to the situation needs to handle the resolution. If it is something that I need to be involved in I try to call the person(s) involved to understand the situation. Dealing with the matter quickly is important. The longer something festers, the more potential for harm there is to the Body of Christ.

Dr. Michael Dean is pastor of Travis Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. For more information on the church or Dr. Dean check out Travis Avenue's Website.


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