Monday, June 26, 2006

"Seven Questions with Dr. Frank Page"

1. As President of the SBC, you served in one of the most stressful positions in the convention. What was your secret to staying focused?

Obviously, I have just begun this task. However, already, I can assure you that it is one of the most stressful of positions. I must stay focused by keeping my priorities straight. I will not let this position hurt my family or my church. I will not neglect my daily quiet time. I will not allow the demands for my time to hurt my relationship to Jesus.

2. In your opinion what is the main thing that must happen in the SBC to build momentum for Kingdom growth over the next 5 years.

I believe that the primary issue that will build momentum for kingdom growth in the coming years is a new attitude of selflessness. It is time for every group to realize that they do not own the SBC. I hear people whine about how they’ve lost control of their convention over the last 30 years. I hear other people rejoicing that they now have control over their convention. I hear many groups seeking to gain control over their convention. I believe all of us must realize that this convention belongs to the Lord. Until we confess our feeble attempts at ownership and repent of our sinful self centeredness, the Kingdom will be second in our focus.

3. At the 2006 SBC Convention Southern Baptists made a renewed commitment to the Cooperative Program. Why should a church support the Cooperative Program.

We should support the Cooperative program because of the moral obligation to support the entities and most of all over 10,000 missionaries that we have voted to support. There is much great work going on within associations and state conventions where thousands of hurting churches are being assisted. It is an object of worth and we must find a better way to show that worth and value.

4. If you could give one word of encouragement to every Baptist minister what would it be?

My word of encouragement to ministers is that you do count. You matter and I speak a word of encouragement to you today. The evil one wants to destroy you, your family, and your church. You matter for the Kingdom.

5. What has been the secret to your success as an SBC leader?

I have no secret to success. In fact, I do not see myself as a success. I have failed the lord in many ways and even now am very aware of my inadequacy.

6. In your opinion, what is the key to getting the average church member involved in evangelism?

I believe the key to getting the average church member involved in evangelism by example and encouragement. Pastors must set the example and encourage church members to come along beside them.

7. Over the next year what are some things you hope to accomplish and how can my readers and I be praying for you?

Please pray that over the next year that we will see leadership which deals honestly with difficult questions and seeks to draw together the factions that are splintering quickly and profoundly.

Dr. Frank Page is president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of First Baptist Church in Taylors, SC.


Blogger Kevin Bussey said...

What a humble man! We are very blessed to have him as our President!

Blogger Dale Huckabay said...

Read your blog for the first time today. Your ideas on evangelism have inspired me to seek God for a renewed psssion in this area for our own church! Thanks, for that. I did not see who or where you are - I assume you are in Oklahoma?

Blogger OKpreacher said...


I appreciate the encouragement. I am from Oklahoma, but I'm currently serving in Texas. I'll share with you my identity if you will email me at

My goal is to make this site an encouagement, challenge, and learning lab for everybody. So keep coming back.



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