Saturday, June 24, 2006

"Seven Questions with David Rogers"

1. What were some of the key issues that lead you to serve with the International Mission Board?

At various stages in my youth, I felt God’s “tug at my heart” whenever the subject of missions would come up. I had several opportunities for short-term missions experience, first with my church youth group, then through several summer campaigns with Operation Mobilization (OM), and, then through a life-changing 2-year experience on board OM’s missionary ship, the M.V. Doulos, ministering in various countries throughout Europe and West Africa. I finished this time sensing God’s confirmation in pursuing a career ministry in Spain. Shortly after this, I met my wife, Kelly, and we began to pray together about the best vehicle for serving Him as missionaries in Spain.

At that time, we actually decided to go to Spain through another mission organization other than the IMB. After our first term in Spain, however, various circumstances led us to conclude the Lord was leading us to return to our denominational roots, and pursue appointment with the IMB.

2. What is your greatest passion?

My greatest passion is seeing the Great Commission fulfilled among all the people groups of the world. Serving in Spain, I am particularly interested in seeing a viable Christian witness established in all of the approximately 7,400 cities and towns of Spain which still have none. I am also passionate about the Body of Christ coming to maturity and unity (per Ephesians 4), and working together towards the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

3. What is one barrier that you are experiencing in your ministry at this time?

The biggest barrier I see in Spain is the stranglehold sin has over the Spanish people, and their reluctance to consider any life change that would imply turning their back on their sinful lifestyle.

4. What is one thing you would want every Southern Baptist to know about your ministry?

God is working in different ways in different parts of the world, and at different times in history. But God is still at work. In Spain, and in our ministry, we believe He is doing something new through the arrival of many evangelical Latin American immigrants, new models of church, and greater cooperation throughout the Body of Christ.

5. What has been the biggest culture change that you have experienced since leaving the States?

In Western Europe in general, and Spain in particular, the cultural changes are perhaps more subtle than in some other parts of the world. On the surface, things seem quite similar. But, underneath, basic cultural core values are often very different. Things like individual vs. community rights, the importance of enjoying life and spending time with others as opposed to getting things accomplished efficiently, etc.

6. What are two or three things that you hope to accomplish in the next year?

A. Begin our first on-going “lay” evangelist and church planter training classes

B. See significant spiritual and numerical growth in the church plant in Toledo

C. See some good spiritual growth in all four members of my immediate family

7. Are there some prayer needs that we could begin lifting up in prayer?

A. Long-lasting fruit from special evangelistic efforts this summer all around Spain.

B. That God would raise up some Spirit-filled Spanish and Latin American men and women who are willing to be mentored and trained in evangelistic and church planting ministry.

C. Protection for our family against the attacks of the Enemy.

David Rogers is a Southern Baptist Missionary serving in Spain. He has his own blog at love each stone.


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