Sunday, July 08, 2007

Update on Redding

-Okpreacher's first article on Rev Ann Holmes Redding
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The story of Rev. Ann Holmes Redding's search for faith is a sad story. The Episcopal Church has suspended her for a year so that she can think through the principals of the Christian faith. This isn't a bad idea, but I hope someone shares with her these truths. The reason someone can't be a Christian and a Muslim is their basic beliefs about Jesus Christ oppose one another.

The most basic Christian belief is in the Divinity and Lordship of Jesus Christ. This means that a person can't call themselves a Christian unless he or she believes that Jesus is both God and Lord.

One of the most basic Muslim beliefs is that Jesus isn't God or Lord, but only a prophet. This is a rejection of the foundation of the Christian faith and of fact. Either one believes that Jesus Christ is Lord of all or one believes that Jesus isn’t Lord at all.

Rev Ann Holmes illustration that she can be Christian and Muslim at the same time because she is both African American and a woman doesn't apply. There are no opposing issues in being an African American and being a woman, but there are opposing issues in thinking your a Christian and being a Muslim.

I do ask everyone to pray for Redding that she will realize the truth about Christ and become a real Christian.


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