Saturday, July 07, 2007

"Pat On The Back": Henry Blackaby

Please read Henry Blackaby

Since I first read "Experiencing God", I realize that Henry Blackaby was special. I have always been thankful for his faithful service to Southern Baptists. God used him to remind us that God is building His Kingdom. As followers of God, we are to seek where He is working and join Him.

Too many times we think that since we go to a Baptist church then we should only do Baptist work. This view is sadly lacking. God wears no denominational labels, God isn't interested in denominational work, and God isn't interested in denominational politics. God is interested in building His Kingdom by using repentant, humble, and faithful believers to accomplish His plan. Examine your heart for revival begins with you.

Thanks to Henry Blackaby for all that he has done. I give you a big "pat on the back."


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