Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Leadership Void

I believe the greatest issue facing the church and her ability to impact the world is a void of godly leadership. I’m not talking about a void of people who enjoy the power of leadership, but a void of those gifted and called to lead. A great example of leadership is found in the book of Job where he says that before his sufferings, “Where I led, people followed.” I believe that is a great picture of what leadership is all about.

There first must be a passion that leads to a vision. Too many so called leaders have no passion. Their heart doesn’t break and therefore they have no vision. A leader without vision is a person who seeks to gain or maintain power. Leadership isn’t about power, but influence. Leadership isn’t about pride, but sacrifice. Leadership isn’t about gaining, but giving. Leadership isn’t about selfishness, but selflessness. Leadership is the ability to see what God is doing and communicate that vision with people in such a way that they become committed to the vision.

The next key of leadership is people. A leader can’t sit aloft from people. A leader has got to be one of the guys. People need to know that the leader knows them and cares about them. As people experience a leader’s life, they are transformed by what they see. Jesus is the great example of a leader becoming one of us. God took on flesh and that of a servant to lead us. Too many potential leaders aren’t willing to let go of their comfort and safety to serve in the mire of people’s lives.

The last key to being a leader is a leader sets the example for others. People follow what you do more than what you say. Many potential leaders fail not because they don’t see the vision or can’t relate to people, but because they don’t live out the vision themselves. A leader has to be a person worth following for people to follow him or her. I encourage every leader to live with integrity by the power of the Holy Spirit.

In closing, I believe 95 percent of the problems faced in the Southern Baptist Convention, our churches, and our world would be solved by filling the leadership void with godly leadership.


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