Friday, December 08, 2006

Taking Christ Out Of Christmas

Christmas is the time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is important because there is only one true God and He became flesh. Jesus Christ is God. His birth was a miracle. His life was a miracle. His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead was a miracle. Christ the Lord can rescue anyone who will trust their lives to Him. Christians celebrate Christmas because they realize how much Christ has done for them. Christians understand everything Christ did for humanity, He did as a gift. Since Christians view Christ as the greatest gift, they place great importance on gift giving.

This year the ever growing Political Correctness War has targeted Christmas. Many stores and government agencies have made policies forbidding the use of, “Merry Christmas” by employees. To them Christmas is too limiting. Since most of our world doesn’t acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord or honor His birth, the Political Correctness people cry out “unfair”. Why should they be forced to experience a holiday that they don’t believe in? I agree with them because Christmas isn’t about Santa Clause, reindeer, or Christmas Trees. Christmas is about Christ. Why should we be surprised that the P.C. people want to take Christ out of Christmas, when Christians haven’t put Christ into Christmas? Maybe this year instead of getting mad at someone for not saying, “Merry Christmas”, you can share the reason you celebrate Christmas.

The people who took Christ out of Christmas were Christians who deluded the true meaning of Christmas. I’m not saying Santa Clause, Reindeer, or Christmas Trees are bad, but I’m saying that as long as this is all we talk about, we shouldn’t be surprised that the world has very little use for our holiday.

Don’t worry Christmas isn’t going anywhere because the Christmas season is extremely profitable for companies. The bottom line of our country is our economy. Our economy’s survival is built on the Christmas season. Most business gauge their success or failure for the year on how they do during Christmas. So don’t worry, Christmas isn’t going anywhere, but the question is will Christ still be apart of it.


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