Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Asking for Prayer

Over the next week, my family and I are moving to Oklahoma to start a new church. This Sunday will be our last at our current church. We leave behind a lot of friends, but know that God has called us to start this church. Please pray for us as we get settled and get started. The church will be called Damascus Road Baptist Church. The name represents the mission of the church. It was on the road to Damascus that Paul experienced Christ. Damascus Road Baptist Church will be a place where people can experience Christ. Christians weren’t going to witness to Paul, who was at that time called Saul, because they were afraid of him. Damascus Road will be a church that goes after the ones that no other church is going after or reaching. On the road to Damascus Paul not only experienced a changed identity and true salvation, but he also received a mission as well. In Paul’s conversion, Christ not only saved him, but gave him a ministry. Damascus Road will be a place that brings people into a saving relationship with Christ and a serving relationship with Christ. Please pray for Damascus Road and us. If you want to become a prayer partner or financial partner in this work please send me an email at


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Blogger Dave Samples said...

May God bless you on your venture and may you find a wide-open door for ministry. I believe church-planting to be the toughest ministry assignment that God can give and so I congratulate you on being one of God's very best.

Blogger Dave Samples said...

Congratulations on your new assignment! I believe church planting to be one of the toughest assignments that God can give and thus it must be that he calls His finest to join in it. Blessings!


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