Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"A Touch of Grace"

Romans 6: 14: “For sin will not rule over you, because you are not under law but under grace.”

If you are like me, you find yourself being very critical of other people and especially critical of the things they do. “Life would be much simpler if I didn’t have to deal with people.” “Why can’t more people be like me or even like Christ?” “That Sunday School teacher, that pastor, or that seminary professor is horrible.” All of these are statements that I have made at one time or another and maybe they are statements that you have made as well.

I am guilty of being critical of other people because I had forgotten the bases of being a Christian. The bases of being a Christian is GRACE. God’s grace is the source of everything we have. I can never say that I was smart enough, handsome enough, rich enough, or good enough to earn anything that I have. Everything I have and everything you have is a result of God’s grace.

I have also been guilty of holding people to a standard that I didn’t hold myself too. Matter of fact, the things that frustrated me the most about other people where things I did myself. When I did something wrong I wanted grace, but I was unwilling to show that same grace to others.

Finally, I was guilty of still living under the law. I expected people to be perfect. I expect people to earn their salvation. Earn God’s blessing. Earn my love. Then I realized I was looking at people through the eyes of the law and no one measures up according to the law. God wanted me to see people through the eyes of grace. Grace gives people what they don’t deserve. Grace meets people where they are and loves them in spite of what they do. Grace realizes that people are human and only God can transform our humanness. I have realized that I am the chief among sinners. When people mess up, and all will, they are only sinning like I have done a hundred times over. When I sin, I want grace. So God is showing me that instead of holding Christians up to the law, to left up Christians through grace. Have you realized that God wants you to show grace as well?

We learn from Christ, “Where much is given, much is required.” I can’t tell you how much grace God has shown me by saving me and continuing to save me. But what ever the amount is, God expects grace from me. God expects grace from us who believe. We don’t live under the law, but under grace. We have what people need. I encourage you to stop being critical, to stop slamming people that mess up, and show them a little grace. I believe with a touch of grace our lives will be much more enjoyable and much more fruitful.


Blogger Kevin Stilley said...

As someone who spends a lot of time messing up and having to seek forgiveness and grace, I very much appreciate your word of encouragement. Thank you.

Blogger Bryan Riley said...

Ditto. I have nothing to add to that excellent and encouraging post.


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