Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Christian = Republican?

Please read Republicans losing Christian vote.

I have always been concerned when I heard statements like, "God votes Republican" or "It is a sin to vote Democrat". I have never voted for a democrat for president, senator, or governor, but I must admit I am weighting my options this year. George Bush, outside of nominating conservative Supreme Court justices, has done a horrible job as president. He has lied repeatedly and never apologized for any of it. I'm tired of him and I can't wait till we have a new president.

After looking at the list of republican candidates, only one gets me excited. Mike Huckabee is the best candidate, but the poles show he is way behind the republican leaders. My problem is the republican leaders don't represent core Christian beliefs and therefore, I'm open to voting democrat. If neither party wants to represent core Christian beliefs, I'll vote democrat. If I vote democrat, I will vote for Obama.

Clearly, Christians have to decide who to vote for because “Republican” and “Christian” aren’t the same thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you on all issues except for Obama. If you want to hear someone who has no truth in him now, go back before he had dreams of becoming president. He actually told you what he stood for and what he would do. Now he only says what the polls tell him to say and what the polls tell him to do. I would whether vote for Hillary Clinton than for Obama. There is no truth in that man.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama? Come on- do a little research man. He was raised by an atheist mother and 2- muslim stepfathers. He attended muslim schools. The church he claims now is pretty radical. It has an extensive websight that posts sermons. You'll be surprised. The democrats are gonna nominate Hillary and the Republicans are gonna nominate Rudy. An independent will take votes away from Hillary. We're in for an interesting 4- years.

Blogger Melissa said...

Sorry, no comment to share...I just stumbled across this blog through a chain of random events, and was so excited to find D. I have often wondered what you and Kristi are up to. I don't know if there is a way for me to get you my email address without posting it, and I would rather it not be public. I will ask my much more technically savvy sister.

Melissa Baxley :)

Blogger OKpreacher said...


You are always free to email us at and please visit


Blogger OKpreacher said...

Update: I will not vote for Obama or Hilary Clinton!


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