Monday, August 21, 2006

Seven Questions with Dr. B. Carlisle Driggers

1. What is your greatest passion?

Leading a significant group of believers to organize themselves so as to introduce Jesus to the world in keeping with Acts 1:8.

2. In your opinion what is the main thing that must happen in the SBC to build momentum for Kingdom growth over the next 5 years.

Pastors must focus on the kingdom of God over and beyond their own church or themselves.

3. What are some church trends that you see that cause you concern? What are some church trends that cause you excitement?

Concern – so much money being spent on large expensive buildings.

Excitement – movement towards “simple churches”

4. What where some factors that lead you into denominational work?

Clearly the leadership of God and the opportunity to influence Southern Baptists to focus on Kingdom Growth.

5. If you could give one word of encouragement to every Baptist minister what would it be?

Wrap your heart and mind around the Kingdom of God on this earth.

6. In a day and time where there seems to be so little leadership in the church, what has been the secret to your success as a leader?

Always seeking to provide servant leadership.

7. Over the next year what are some things you hope to accomplish and how can my readers and I be praying for you?

Helping the South Carolina Baptist Convention to be as spiritually prepared for the coming years as possible by staying committed to Kingdom advancement.

Dr. Driggers is the Executive Director for the South Carolina Baptist Convention.


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