Saturday, August 19, 2006

Introducing Professor X

I have been blogging for almost two years. A couple of months ago I got serious about my blog by making it a learning center for believers. I have no desire to be political; I want to be practical on how we as Christians can live for Christ and reach the world. Former SBC President, Bobby Welch was right in suggesting at the Convention that blogging takes a lot of time.

After seeing several other blogs that are managed by groups of people, I started praying for someone who could partner with me in this blogging adventure. While I was at the Willow Creek Association’s Leadership Summit, I ran into a good friend from college and seminary. He is currently serving on staff at a large church in Fort Worth, Texas. While we talked, I asked if he was into blogging. He said he wanted to start his own blog. I proposed the idea of him partnering with me to manage, The Christian Resource Center. He has accepted and very soon you will be seeing articles written by him.

He goes by the name, Professor X. Professor X is one of the smartest, most practical, and ministry minded people I know. I may not agree with him on everything he believes about everything, but I know I can trust him and you will enjoy everything he writes. So to make it official, I welcome Professor X to The Christian Resource Center.


Blogger Kevin Stilley said...

OKP, thanks for truly providing us with a learning center. Your efforts are appreciated.

Professor X, welcome aboard. We look forward to learning from you.

Blogger Jeremy Roberts said...

Brian is a Godly man. I look forward to reading his articles.


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