Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Top Ten

"If I owned my own T.V. network, shows I would air."

10. Without a Tract (A show that is a dramatization of real witnessing opportunities.)

9. Monday Night Foozball (Who doesn't love foozball.)

8. Joan of ATARI (God helps a girl to become a video game champion.)

7. American Idols (A show about cults.)

6. Shrubs (A show about the pressures of working at a nursery and the struggle to heal plants.)

5. King of the Bill (A show about how a poor Texas family survives month to month in seminary.)

4. Last Christian Standing (A reality show about church business meetings.)

3. The Amazing Mace (A show that teaches self-defense)

2. Desperate House Animals ( A drama about the battle between cats and dogs as they fight for the attention of thier owners.)

1. Extreme Home Takeover (Military specialists attack an all-American family in hopes of taking thier house.)


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